The Ferocious Silence

Ferocious Silence Final

The first full-length collection of poetry from poet Darryl Price. The Ferocious Silence. 131 pages of vivid writing, delivered by a true talent.
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“Darryl Price’s images dart like flashes from a light show into the reader’s consciousness–images concerned with fire, air, water, and earth, the four elements. But these are not formula poems, his work vibrates. Brushstrokes on a scintillating canvas of stars, flowers, and waves.”- Stella Worley, editor of The Green Fuse


“Darryl’s poetry is an intimate conversation with the reader, where everyday wonders — a folded map, a trunk full of old paintings, psychedelic owls —  populate a world at once luminous and heartbreaking.” – Marcelle Heath, Series Editor for Wigleaf Top 50


“The poetry of Darryl Price is a blessing. His lines are both soothing and stimulating. Darryl is a rare bard, a ‘fili’, a poet who looks deeply into things and sees for all of us. I enjoy reading his poems aloud: and yet, his work is not dominated by words but by…lines that connect. Darryl Price uses language to help people connect – to his vision, to themselves, to each other. This is one poet without whom my world at least would be noticeably poorer.” – Marcus Speh, author of Thank You For Your Sperm 

“It has been my pleasure over the past five years to become acquainted with many poems and also some fiction by the writer Darryl Price.  When Darryl presents a poem or a short fiction, it comes from a place in him that is clear and true.  This is a writer who works without guile.  Every facet, word, line comes straight from his pure heart.  I don’t say this lightly.  Many writers calculate their audience and proceed from there.  Darryl would be unable to write that way, because he embodies the spirit of the true artist.  I have never read any work of his that shirks from the truth of the moment, which he is presenting on the page.  There is always clarity, too, so the reader is drawn into the work rather than looking at it from a distance or behind a screen.  The immediacy is crystal clear.  Because if it weren’t an immediate act of writing, Darryl wouldn’t be writing it.  He lays it out as if he were creating a garden from scratch: the clearing, the digging, the seeding.  Darryl Price is one of the best writers working today.” – Susan Tepper, author of dear Petrov; The Merrill Diaries, and From the Umberplatzen


“I feel as if Darryl Price is speaking directly to me, holding me with his words. There’s almost a caress to his poetry. Captivating.” – Myra King, author of The Journey of Velvet Brown


“Few poems give me more pleasure or more sustained pleasure than the poems of  Darryl Price. He is constantly delightful and surprising. I find his work both movingly beautiful and refreshingly inspirational.” – Bill Yarrow, author of Blasphemer

“The work of Darryl Price is a unique thing. It avoids the anger that sometimes feels inevitable with a confessional poem (“The circle has been / Broken”–“Portrait of an Elephant with a little Poet on top of its Head” tells us). Similarly, when it feels political, it does so without intimidation or without retreating into politicized outrage. The result is that his poems create a space that pays particular attention to the marginalized (“No new thing comes into view except the damned view”–from “Life Without a Heart”). Its compassion and curiosity are maybe what makes it the most unique to me, and what ultimately makes his work a rewarding read.” Amanda Harris, publisher of The Miscreant

“In the poetry of Darryl Price I have been treated to the lyricism of an existential alchemist.
With an urban sensibility honed by the realities of our all too common violent experience of devolution, the Poet sings forth an infusion of our humanity lost and found.Again and again the perilous aspects of human existence are revealed with a highly developed and skillful authenticity and vulnerability, restoring those who make this pilgrimage with him, to a place of renewed perseverance and resolve to be what is sensed and remembered in our best nature as human.Examining with recondite grit and laser precision, the Poet exposes the underpinnings of 21st century Humanity and the emotional terrain we collectively and individually traverse.It is in the truth and beauty, by the very nature of what is revealed and communicated I feel the most profound gratitude for this body of work and author/poet. For within this breathtaking vista of exploration exists sanctuary and tenderness and hope.” – Rebekah Riley

“For 38 years I have had the opportunity to read, to absorb, and to reflect on poetry by Darryl Price. Price’s poetry stretches across my adolescent and adult life like a rainbow. I first encountered Price’s work when I was a teenager milling about the bookstore Price managed, My Back Pages, in the old Wellington Building on the OSU campus. My Back Pages was Columbus’ first “underground” bookstore full of avant-garde and activist poetry, literature and art not featured anywhere else. It was across the hall from Bernie’s Bagels (which closed this past week) and downstairs from Moles Used Record shop. I could practically make a whole day of hanging about the Wellington but the jewel in the crown of the day was always the bookstore, Darryl and, often, his poetry. Price’s poetry permanently popped open my consciousness. It showed me a world of conscious stream of thinking was possible. It reordered my world. It opened my heart and beckoned me to find preciousness in the smallest details of life. It deepened my sensitivity to the emotion of others, to the worlds of others, and transported me across time and space. I like to think that because I grew up in a literary household, full of books, poetry and ideas, that I know something about the power of words and ideas. I like to think I know good, effective, powerful poetry because the late, highly acclaimed, Ohio poet Elizabeth Ann James (Shiblaq,) was my ballet teacher when I was 5 and our very good family friend until she died a couple of years ago. I starred in her plays and went to her poetry readings and workshops throughout my life. I like to think that I know poetry, and am part of something special, because I know the poetry of one of Columbus’ most indigenous, persistent poets, Darryl Price, precisely because Darryl’s poetic legacy is a treasure to central OH. It captures the zeitgeist of so many eras, so many hearts and so many minds. It is native Ohio, it is indigenous, while it also is poetry that has the transcendence to relate to anywhere else in the world, at any time, to people, animals, nature, energy and spirits. Why is poetry so important anyway? It imbues a beautiful logic on our lives, it slices open closed spaces allowing them to pour out meaning that enhances our own lived meaning, it heals our hearts and opens our minds. No doubt the priceless poetry of Price has all of these attributes and more.” – Heidi Renate Ballard, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Otterbein University



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